Welcome to Scotland !


Sunday, February 25, 2018,

Come on, and see!

I am writing to you from Edinburgh, where the day before after a short but very stressful flight, I landed safely on firm Scottish ground.

After getting up at dawn (6 am), I headed for Saint-Exupery airport in Lyon, where my flying carriage was waiting for me impatiently. Important thing to consider: it was the first time I took the plane. For people who know me, I let you imagine the color of my mood of the moment … for others: I was really very stressed (my poor mom, if you read these lines, forgive me!). Anyway! After a little over two hours chewing on several chewing gums, to avoid exploding my eardrums, and wrapped in my scarf to avoid smelling the nauseating odors emanating from the toilets of the plane, I finally arrived safely. Once my backpack is recovered and a quick check up, go to Edinburgh city center! What adventures! First of all, to get to my hostel from the airport, I was advised to take a tram. After buying my ticket somehow, and after boarding, I went to the wrong stop. Nevertheless, I could count on the warm welcome of the Scots and I was able to find my way thanks to a wonderful lady who accompanied me to my real stop: Saint Andrew Square. But it is not finished ! If you had seen me with my backpack weighing nearly 15 kg and my cabin suitcase about the same weight, with two coats on the back, walking the little level streets of Edinburgh. The picture must have been comical! Anyway, I got access to the Holy Grail, in other words my bed, around 14h, in a cute little inn near Grassmarket, in the heart of the Old Town or « The Old Town » . After a brief locating of the neighborhood at the end of the day, I went to bed early, eager to start the next day.

When I arrived in Scotland, I was incredibly lucky: the weather was brilliant all weekend. I was able to start taking my bearings even though I realize now that loneliness is a friend that is sometimes difficult to manage. In addition, my level of English still very academic, it is difficult for me to go to meet people. Nevertheless, it is a challenge that I set myself and that I intend to succeed!

Another objective of the moment: to find a workaway experience to achieve over the next four months. So some people may wonder what it is. I already imagine some of you frowning or saying to yourself: what is he hiding behind this Anglicism ?! Ahaha. Others may already be typing this word in their search bar … In short, the term « workaway » refers to a global network that connects travelers willing to lend a hand with hosts who have need help with one of their projects, in exchange for lodging and meals (Thanks Wikipedia!). Before I left, I registered on this platform, in exchange for a financial contribution (32 €) because I found the concept really cool. In future articles, I will tell you whether or not I have managed to find a project, and if so, I will also tell you about my experience and what I got!

That’s all … for the moment! See you soon.


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